Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

What is your staff to student ratio?

How many residents are at Cherry Gulch?

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We have a maximum of 50 students.

Why do you only accept boys between the age of 10 and 14?

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We are passionate about early intervention and prevention and do not want to expose our students to older troubled teens who are often more entrenched in their negative behaviors and have been involved with more serious acting-out behavior. Younger students often look up to older students and are much more susceptible to peer pressure. Troubled teens often bully younger and/or smaller students and we want to protect our students from being bullied, harassed, hurt, etc. Younger adolescents differ developmentally from older adolescents in terms of their difficulties, interests, stressors, cognitive abilities, psychosocial maturity, attention span, self-esteem, and brain development, just to name a few of the differences.

Why do you only accept boys?

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Research has found that single gender education is more effective. By only accepting male students, we limit distractions so that the boys are more likely to focus on the reasons they have been enrolled in the program. We also eliminate the possibility that the boys will have an inappropriate relationship or interaction with a female student.

How much supervision do students receive?

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Students receive nearly constant supervision as we have 24/7 wake staff supervising the students, patrolling the campus, and ensuring the students’ safety. We generally maintain a staff-to-student ratio of at least 1 to 4, but the staff-to-student ratio is often even higher as we do not count the therapists, administrators, office staff, or cooks in this ratio. We currently have approximately 50 staff and only 30 students. As you would expect with such a high staff-to-student ratio, we can provide lots of one-on-one attention, individualized academic and therapeutic plans, and very high-quality care.

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