COVID-19 Guidelines for Cherry Gulch

We are continuously monitoring the COVID-19 virus and its impact on Idaho. For Idaho specific information, please use the following link:

Cherry Gulch continues to operate at 100% and fully intends to provide all the services that we offer. We have however, limited/postponed our contracted services for the time being. Our amazing staff have worked tirelessly around the clock to not only take care of daily tasks but prepare for an unplanned cancelled Spring Break. There will be several activities held during the break that foster connectivity, calm and resiliency during this heightened period of anxiety.

Distance learning for our students who are currently home and will be when our spring break concludes on 3/30 is still in the works. There will be a period of quarantine upon arrival back to Cherry Gulch for those students. We will be taking enrollments and new students in a block pattern to provide necessary precautions for those who have potentially been exposed to the virus. Please coordinate directly with Krista Zimmerman AND Katie Rienstra on the time frames and protocol for return or You will not be permitted on campus without prior approval.

We are consulting with the Central District Health, following all state, regional and national recommendations and guidelines. We will continue to conduct staff/student trainings as they are updated. Therefore, we are implementing the following policies immediately.

1.) All tours and visits to and from our campus are temporarily suspended. This includes admission tours, parent visits, student tours, etc… All student home visits will be suspended. We do not recommend a student leaving Cherry Gulch at this time. We have temporarily suspended all contracted services. We have vendors dropping packages outside then we properly disinfect and bring indoors. Virtual tours can be arranged through our admissions department for prospective¬† families.

2.) All employees coming to work must be checked medically before being allowed to interact with the Cherry Gulch community. This includes checking for a fever (100.4 or higher) and a checklist of symptoms that are self-reported by employee. This was put in place on Monday 3/15.

3.) Temporary Suspension all off campus activities that are considered high risk and limit off campus activities. This would include large events of people and public gatherings. Low risk environments would be considered open air events with low numbers of people and a Cherry Gulch controlled environment.

4.) All incoming admits or returning students will be quarantined for a 14-day period. We do recommend students be driven to Idaho with limited access to high risk or potential sites of exposure. Further details to be arranged. All students must arrive in a block pattern and must have approval for return through Krista Zimmerman (

As you are aware, the information surrounding the COVID-19 virus is fluid and changes daily. We will continue to evaluate and monitor the precautions we have in place to ensure the daily operations of Cherry Gulch remain in full force.

We will continue to keep you posted on any changes or new developments regarding the COVID-19 virus in Idaho and its potential impact on Cherry Gulch.