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Unlocking Potential: How Cherry Gulch Empowers Boys with ADHD and Learning Differences through Year-Round Academics

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Nestled in the serene landscapes near Boise, Idaho, Cherry Gulch helps boys in grades 5 through 9. Our small, relational, and private owner-operated residential school offers a unique blend of academic excellence and therapeutic support, tailored specifically for boys with ADHD and learning differences. With a strong emphasis on early intervention and prevention, Cherry Gulch is dedicated to helping these young men reach their full potential, particularly through its year-round academic program.

A Holistic Approach to Learning

At Cherry Gulch, education goes beyond traditional classroom instruction. The school’s philosophy integrates every experience into an educational and therapeutic opportunity, creating a fun and purposeful environment that engages students on multiple levels. This holistic approach is especially beneficial for boys with ADHD and learning differences, who often thrive in settings that provide structure, consistency, and a variety of learning modalities.

Summer Learning: A Continuum of Growth

Unlike many traditional schools, Cherry Gulch operates on a year-round academic schedule, ensuring that students maintain continuity in their learning and development. This is particularly crucial for boys with ADHD and learning differences, who can struggle with the extended breaks typical of conventional school calendars. The summer program at Cherry Gulch is designed to reinforce and build upon the progress made during the school year, preventing the regression that can occur during long vacations.

Re-engaging Students Post-COVID

Cherry Gulch has seen a significant increase in school refusal cases, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, with 75-80% of our students having refused school or struggled to reintegrate into traditional educational settings. Our primary focus is on building strong relationships to re-engage these students in learning. By creating a nurturing and supportive environment, we help boys overcome their reluctance and anxiety associated with school, allowing them to reconnect with their education.

Individualized Instruction and Support

Central to the success of Cherry Gulch’s academic program is its commitment to individualized instruction. The school’s talented Master’s level therapists and educators work closely with each student, using research-supported approaches to tailor their teaching methods to the unique needs of each boy. This personalized attention helps address the specific challenges faced by boys with ADHD and learning differences, fostering an environment where they can thrive academically.

Engaging and Therapeutic Activities

The picturesque 220-acre ranch setting provides ample opportunities for students to engage in therapeutic and recreational activities that complement their academic studies. From exploring the natural wonders of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and rivers to participating in cosmopolitan activities in nearby Boise, students at Cherry Gulch benefit from a diverse array of experiences that support their overall development. These activities not only enhance learning but also help students build confidence, social skills, and a sense of accomplishment.

Building Strong Relationships

At Cherry Gulch, building strong relationships is at the heart of the educational experience. The school fosters a supportive community where students feel safe, valued, and understood. This relational approach is particularly important for boys with ADHD and learning differences, who may have struggled in previous educational settings. By creating a nurturing environment, Cherry Gulch helps these young men develop the social and emotional skills necessary for lifelong success.

Preparing for the Future

The ultimate goal of Cherry Gulch is to prepare its students to become well-rounded, prosocial young men who are thoughtful, prepared, and confident. The year-round academic program plays a vital role in achieving this goal by providing the educational scaffolding necessary for long-term success. Through a combination of rigorous academics, individualized support, and engaging activities, Cherry Gulch empowers boys with ADHD and learning differences to unlock their full potential and build a bright future.

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