Building brighter tomorrows
for the boys of today.

Psychology Integrated Treatment Model

            At Cherry Gulch, we are committed to giving the highest level of care to our students and strive to accomplish this through following a relationship model of care.  Our team of highly and diversely trained therapists ensures that we have the right match for every student that comes to our school.  We believe in building strong and trusting relationships with our students and know that one of the best ways to make that happen is through experiential learning together.  Whether it’s volunteering in the community, enjoying the beauty and adventure that the Boise area has to offer or going on international trips together, we get to know each one of our students on a very real and personal level and create opportunities for real time interventions as we adventure and engage in activities side by side. 

            Our therapists are with our students day in and day out, developing strong relationships and helping our students to take down their walls and learn how to be vulnerable, communicate their emotions and open themselves up to learning new skills to help cope with the struggles they are facing. By providing opportunities on a daily basis for our students to stretch out of their comfort zones, they are able to process how they are feeling in the moment and learn valuable tools that will help them moving forward.

Cherry Gulch’s program model integrates several well-known treatment approaches. The sound theoretical foundation is quickly familiar to both the clinicians employed by the program and the educational or clinical professionals who refer young people to the program. This familiarity generally brings confidence in the program results.   Our very intentional approach to therapy takes our students through different character building lessons that culminate in the student graduating our program with the tools he needs to be successful.  Through the work that our students do on their lessons work, they learn to be intrinsically motivated to make change and take control of their journey and progress through treatment.  Additionally, our strength-based approach helps our students develop their confidence and empowers them to transform their weaknesses into strengths as they work to overcome their various learning, emotional and behavioral diagnoses.   

            At our campus in beautiful Emmett, Idaho, we have a plethora of activities that are available to us right our backyard.  From hiking, to snowboarding, paddle boarding and mountain biking, there is always a new skill to be learned and a new hobby to fall in love with.  Our ranch campus provides the ideal setting for our students to disconnect from technology, reconnect with nature and have daily opportunities to practice the relationship, emotional regulation and practical skills that they are learning across different domains at CG.

Each student at Cherry Gulch receives a dedicated 10 hours of therapy each week.  Each of our therapists are trained and specialize in a variety of therapeutic modalities that are aimed at helping pre-adolescent and adolescent boys learn respect, perseverance and compassion as well find balance, confidence and courage during their formative years.  

  •        8 hours of group therapy including process groups and psycho-educational groups.
  •      Individual Service Plans
  •      Medication management
  •          Psychological testing 
  •          Weekly individual and family therapy sessions   
  •          Neuro Technology testing
  •           Yoga
  •          Mindfulness
  •          Anger management
  •          Learning differences expertise
  •          Executive functioning 
  •      Positive peer leadership
  •      Structured residential milieu
  •      Intensive parent workshops
  •          International trips
  •          Experiential learning
  •          Team building
  •          Music classes 
  •          Triathlon training and evening sports
  •         Community Service
  •          Student Servant Leadership

 Some of our therapeutic modalities and specialties include:

  •          The RULER Approach and The Feeling Words Curriculum –Yale Center for Emotional Literacy
  •          Positive Parenting with a Plan –Matthew A. Johnson
  •          Social Thinking – Michelle Garcia Winner
  •           The Hero’s Journey 
  •          Mindset –Carol Dweck
  •          The Anatomy of Peace and Outward Mindset –The Arbinger Institute
  •          Grit –Angela Duckworth
  •          The Seven Healthy Habits of Highly Effective Teens –Sean Covey
  •           Occupational therapy
  • Animal Assisted Therapy (dogs, chickens, bunnies, goats, cats and horses)
  •          Equine Assisted Therapy (EGALA and Parelli)
  •          Community Resiliency Model, CRM
  •          Play therapy
  •          Art therapy 
  •          Recreational Therapy