Building brighter tomorrows
for the boys of today.

At Cherry Gulch, we believe strongly in the importance of developing altruism among our staff and students. Robert K. Greenleaf, an expert on servant leadership said, “Caring for persons, the more able and the less able serving each other, is the rock upon which a good society is built.”  We believe that as a collective staff body at Cherry Gulch, we can model the importance of serving others through our own actions and become worthy role models for our students to emulate.

Each month our service coordinators organize several service projects for the students to participate in.  Each hour and project is recorded for our students so they can reflect back on the contributions that they were able to make during their stay at Cherry Gulch on both a local and global level.  Cherry Gulch has a vibrant international travel program that incorporates a rich element of service. As we venture out into our global community we try to find ways that we can learn from the cultures that we are able to immerse in as well as find ways that we can give back in meaningful ways.  This often leads to long-term relationships with the communities that we are able to serve and a continuation of the giving that we were able to start while abroad.
In addition to our staff-planned service outings, through our lessons work system the students are able to organize and carry out service projects that they are passionate about. Before our students graduate, they are encouraged to participate in a 100-hour service project, after which they are presented with the President's Volunteer Service Award.  Not only do the boys get to practice their leadership skills and feel the joy and accomplishment of reaching out and doing things for others through our service initiatives, they leave Cherry Gulch with a repertoire of experience and service hours on their resume that will help them with admittance into future schools, programs, colleges and jobs.

We believe that serving others is and should be at the core of what we do.  As each of us join together in serving one another and our community, we grow in compassion, empathy and selflessness and learn that true joy comes from thinking of others more than ourselves.  I look forward to the continued growth of our students and staff as we engage in the service of others. 

By Mrs. Kylie Langer