Building brighter tomorrows
for the boys of today.

At Cherry Gulch, we believe strongly in experiential education and engaging our students in learning opportunities that are focused on direct experience and focused reflection.  We strive to provide opportunities that foster the development of new and useful skills, values clarification, enhanced knowledge, and an outward mindset that will allow students to be active leaders and contributors in their communities. Through the use of travel, including both stateside and international, we provide opportunities for our students to become vulnerable, open-minded, and courageous, and illuminate a path to self-discovery and change.

Cherry Gulch’s day-to-day curriculum is closely tied to the service, environmental, outdoor, cooperative and active learning that takes place while abroad. Each of our trips has a theme and-- by studying the texts that tie to that theme and diving into the deeper complexities that lie within, exploring and making comparisons to our own world and the crises we face--we work to help create civically engaged teens.  By working to incorporate cross-curricular studies in preparation for our travels, we allow for challenging activities that inspire and extend even our most gifted students and meet the learning standards for math, biology, chemistry, Character Development, English, astronomy and history.

The power of our students’ imagination is truly magical. It is a privilege to nurture their curiosity in ways that facilitate imaginative growth to creative ends by experiencing some of the world’s most exciting cultural sites and wilderness adventures! We believe the most powerful learning experiences come from endeavors that our students feel are of great importance. The service that we strive to provide communities around the world is central to the learning that takes place through our international travel program..  In providing opportunities for our students to immerse themselves in the hearts of these communities, we believe that both our students and those they serve can change and gain new perspectives on life, returning home a more informed and outward-minded global citizen.

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“The cave we fear to enter, holds the treasure we seek.”
  –Joseph Campbell