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The Equine level overlay expands the boy's horizons to the horse barn and beyond. Aside from general knowledge of barnyard chores and animal care, the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program has been adopted to guide us through levels of horse wisdom.

Cherry Gulch has a membership to Parelli's Savvy Club, which enables us to use the Parelli level criteria to learn and sharpen skills of the 4 savvys of horsemanship: on-line, liberty, freestyle and finesse.

The boys will experience the Parelli games and tasks relating to them during some of the EAP therapy as well.

The equine level work overlay incorporates the Parelli 7 games, both on the ground and in the saddle. The Parelli Savvy Club information also teaches about 'Horsenalities' which helps people to understand the difference between confident dominance versus confident willingness as well as unconfident flight or brace--versus yield and trust.

It can be a great learning curve when experiencing the needs of these different horsenalities and coming to understand how to build the strengths that come with each type of behavior.

Upon graduating as Trail Boss the boys should be able to demonstrate skills in the Parelli level 1 and 2 ground play and riding. Our motivated students will be able to demonstrate many level 3 skills according to the Parelli self assessment checklist criteria.

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