Building brighter tomorrows
for the boys of today.

The students at Cherry Gulch get to participate in a wide variety of rich and fulfilling activities.  After completing the necessary tasks for the day, including morning chores, hygiene, school, and therapy, the students are then able to participate in sports such as: basketball, racquetball, rock climbing, judo, bowling, lacrosse, golf, running, triathlon training, mountain biking, skiing/snowboarding, and BMX just to name a few.  Some of our students will join local school or club teams as well.

In addition to evening sports, the students are encouraged to engage in their favorite hobbies, and branch out by trying new ones as well.  Some of our students' leisure interests include: dungeons and dragons, horseback riding, rafting, swimming, geo-caching, Entrepreneurs Club , Electronics Club, LARPing (Live Action Role Play), hiking, camping, fishing, gardening, backpacking, slack-lining, skateboarding, scootering, Nerf wars, various games, building projects, legos, remote control cars, drag racing (spectator), Spartan races, 5k’s, work study programs, movies, service and many other activities.

At Cherry Gulch, we believe that some of the greatest life lessons come through experience.  In light of this, we have a robust travel program that includes local weekend trips, state-side trips, and international trips; many of which include a rich element of service.  In addition to our travel experiences, the boys are often taken into the community to participate in fun activities and practice the skills that they are learning at Cherry Gulch.  Some of the students’ favorite evening and weekend outings include: Nerf war zones, adult trampolining facilities, family fun centers, paint balling, movies, corn mazes, speedways, museums, bowling, gyms, swimming and much more.