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Empowering Boys with Structure and Adventure: Cherry Gulch

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Summer can be a challenging time for boys who thrive on routine and structure, especially those grappling with emotional, behavioral, or learning challenges. Cherry Gulch, a therapeutic boarding school nestled in the serene landscapes of Emmett, Idaho, offers a transformative summer program that integrates well-established treatment approaches with the natural beauty and outdoor adventures of the region. This unique combination provides a robust framework for boys to develop critical life skills, build confidence, and foster intrinsic motivation for personal growth.

Theoretical Foundations and Intrinsic Motivation

Cherry Gulch’s program is built on sound theoretical foundations that are familiar and trusted by clinicians and educators alike. This familiarity instills confidence in the program’s effectiveness, both in those who refer students and in the families who entrust their sons to our care. The therapeutic approach at Cherry Gulch is intentional and systematic, guiding students through character-building lessons that equip them with the tools necessary for long-term success.

One of the core principles at Cherry Gulch is fostering intrinsic motivation. As students engage in various therapeutic activities and complete their lesson work, they learn to take control of their own progress and become self-motivated to make positive changes. This internal drive is crucial for sustaining growth and development beyond the structured environment of the program.

Strength-Based Approach and Empowerment

Cherry Gulch employs a strength-based approach to therapy, focusing on each student’s strengths and empowering them to transform their weaknesses into assets. This method builds confidence and helps students develop a positive self-image, which is essential for overcoming their challenges. By recognizing and nurturing their inherent strengths, students learn to approach their difficulties with resilience and optimism.

Therapeutic Activities and Natural Connection

The summer program at Cherry Gulch is enriched by the natural beauty and outdoor opportunities available on our ranch campus. The picturesque setting of Emmett, Idaho, provides a perfect backdrop for boys to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. This environment is not only calming and restorative but also offers a multitude of activities that are both fun and therapeutic.

From hiking and mountain biking to paddle boarding and snowboarding, there is always a new skill to learn and a new hobby to fall in love with. These activities are more than just recreational; they are integral to the therapeutic process. They offer students daily opportunities to practice emotional regulation, relationship-building, and practical skills in a real-world context.

Structure and Routine

One of the key benefits of Cherry Gulch’s summer program is the structured routine it provides. While summer can often be a time of unstructured free time, Cherry Gulch ensures that each day is filled with purposeful activities that contribute to the students’ overall growth and development. This structure is particularly beneficial for boys who struggle with maintaining focus and discipline in less structured environments.


Cherry Gulch’s program is designed to provide boys with a structured, supportive, and engaging environment where they can thrive. Through a combination of proven therapeutic approaches, a strength-based mindset, and the natural beauty and adventure of Emmett, Idaho, Cherry Gulch helps boys build the skills, confidence, and motivation they need to succeed. Whether your son needs to overcome specific challenges or simply benefit from a summer of growth and adventure, Cherry Gulch offers an ideal setting for transformation and empowerment.

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