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for the boys of today.

Last Friday, July 20, Micron Technologies Education Outreach program came out to the Cherry Gulch campus and presented on the ‘Forces of Motion.’ We started with a short visual presentation introducing us to Galileo and Isaac Newton and his Three Laws of Motion. Next students were given the supplies to each build a rocket. With assistance from the presenters and teachers, students crafted their rocket’s body, nose cone, and fins from paper. Yes, paper.

Once assembly was completed, we adjourned to the horse arena for launchings. Propulsion was provided by a tire pump attached to pvc pipe fitted with pressure gauge and valve. With rockets slipped over the launch pipe, valves were thrown and it was Rockets Away! Longest flight was 260 feet. There is still one unaccounted for out there. “Ground Control to Major Tom!” Not bad for paper ships.