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Camp is pitched at the Canyon Village campgrounds in Yellowstone NP.  This site provides us a central location from which to launch our day touring.  After an early breakfast, with a hearty deli packed lunch in hand, we head out for daily exploration of the wonders of the park.  We return for a late dinner and an evening campfire or Ranger campground presentation.

We take a day to explore the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, viewing the Upper and Lower Falls in the canyon, then hiking down, the easy part, to the rim of the Lower Falls.  Afterwards, exploration of the vast Hayden Valley for wildlife sightings leads to a short hike up to Mud Volcano and Dragon Springs.

Exploring the Lower, Middle and Upper Geyser Basins is an all-day adventure in one the world’s densest collection of geysers and hot springs. At Upper Geyser Basin we visit the rustic log and wood shingle lodge Old Faithful Inn, built in on site in the winter of 1904; observe an eruption of Old Faithful geyser and often those of others like Beehive, Castle, and Lion Geyser.

Middle Geyser Basin presents us with Grand Prismatic Spring, third largest hot spring in the world, and Excelsior Geyser as it pours over 4,000 gallons per minute of hot water into the Firehole River.  In the Lower Geyser Basin we view Clepsydra Geyser, Silex Springs, and the colorful mud of the Fountain Paint Pots.

Norris Geyser Basin, the hottest geyser basin in the park, begins another day of wonder.  Then it is on to the nearby Museum of the National Park Ranger, north to Mammoth Hot Springs, a Scavenger Hunt at the Albright Museum in Mammoth, on to Tower Falls, site of John Colter's historic crossing of the Yellowstone River in winter of 1807-1808; up and over Mt. Washburn, a 10, 243ft peak once covered by glacial ice, where we may get to see wolves and bear if we are lucky.

There are additional side trips and stops for wildlife viewing whenever sighted, other geological areas, historical features, and park museums.  Our itinerary is flexible to accommodate hikes, wildlife activity, varied weather conditions, and the overall park conditions.  Evening activities include wildlife viewing, camp fires, and Ranger activities.