Building brighter tomorrows
for the boys of today.

This past month or so has been busy in science class! We have done some fun things while learning about alternative energy in Environmental Science. We made an anemometer which measured wind energy, built a calorimeter that measured the energy produced from vegetable oil versus petroleum, and built solar box ovens. The ovens were then used to make smores. In Biology, we looked through the microscopes to observe mitosis and meiosis when learning about development, dissected chicken wings when learning about tendons and muscles, and created “offspring” when we learned about genetics. In our Integrated Science classes, we learned about skateboarding physics and tried some of those tricks out. We learned about pressure and made a barometer to measure the air pressure around us. We then moved on to magnets where we created our own compasses and learned about how animals use the magnetic field of the earth to navigate. For all the classes, I recently brought in some liquid nitrogen to explore its amazing properties (including the ability to make great ice cream).

Recently, the new Boise Aquarium did a great job of showing us around and teaching us about the great span of wildlife they have there. The Boise Zoo also had a really great butterfly exhibit. A group of us then visited Yellowstone where we same lots of bison and elk and even saw a grizzly bear with her two cubs! This summer will be a new adventure. The boys will be taking Health, which will start with sex education, move onto general health, and end with drug education. We have a lot of fun stuff planned such as guest speakers and visiting the body exhibit coming to the Discovery Center of Idaho. At the end of summer we will be going to camp Stanley and exploring the many plants and animals there while learning about their life cycles and their effects on the environment. We are all looking forward to it!