Building brighter tomorrows
for the boys of today.

Upon arriving at Cherry Gulch, each student has an individual academic plan (IAP) written for them. This plan is created with the goal of helping our students make and obtain goals in specified academic areas of concern. Each academic plan is written by our Director of Special Education and they are reviewed and updated every six months to ensure accuracy and practicality. Our IAP’s are built with reachable and measurable goals and objectives for each student with the hope that he will advance in skills and knowledge throughout the different classroom subjects.

Goals and objectives are also included in the IAP for Occupational Therapy. These are developed after the student has completed an initial OT evaluation including standardized testing, clinical observations, and 1:1 interview. OT is a useful tool in helping students to be successful in an academic setting through being educated in specific sensory processing patterns and how these relate to his daily functioning, behavioral organization, and academic performance.