Building brighter tomorrows
for the boys of today.

At Cherry Gulch, we believe that education is the cornerstone of our lives. We offer an outstanding curriculum that covers all core subject areas including English, Math, History and Science. We also offer other elective programs including Art, Computers, Chess, Business Education, Spanish, FIRST Lego Robotics League, Team America Rockery Challenge (TARC), Cotillion, Psychology of Daily Living, Organization/Study Skills, and Goal Setting/Careers. Lessons are designed to be fun and engaging and are tailored to each student's needs. Our low student to teacher ratio allows us to give each student what he needs to succeed.

Our Educational Philosophy includes:

• Create a pro-social environment rich with content and instruction
• Develop basic academic skills, critical thinking and good study habits
• Present core subject matter with emphasis on problem solving, executive functioning and cognitive motivation
• Encourage healthy attitudes toward education that will facilitate life-long learning
Cherry Gulch is certified by the AdvancED and meets or exceeds the academic standards set by the State of Idaho. The academic staff at Cherry Gulch is comprised of excellent instructors who implement a variety of teaching strategies addressing different learning styles and modalities involving individual student needs. These educators come from a variety of backgrounds combining both contemporary and classical knowledge of content areas and integrate these on a frequent basis.

At Cherry Gulch, there are many opportunities for different connections to be made. All core subjects; English, Math, Science, and History, can be linked in any number of ways. For example, History and English can be taught together during the Unit of "Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl." Science and Math can be taught in accordance while taking a nature hike and measuring the distance traveled by GPS. Therapeutics and academics can also be merged in many ways. During the Anne Frank unit, the students can empathize with what the young girl must have felt while her people were being persecuted and destroyed. Survival skills can be implemented during the nature hike by navigating with map and compass, and even the sun or the moss on the trees could be utilized to help these young men find their way. These things can also be metaphorical in helping these young men travel the right path.

Integration is not a new concept. People have been teaching multiple content areas together for years now. However, at Cherry Gulch, we like to move beyond the conventional two-dimensional educational approach, and make our experience even more fulfilling. By adding in a therapeutic element to our academics, our practice becomes a three-sided one of academics, therapeutics, and logic, and enables students to see the big picture of how things can all be interrelated in life. This triangular pedagogy is an excellent way for us to help everyone involved maximize their potential; students, parents, and faculty alike.