Novitas Academy Academic Vision

Our main goal is for students to be successful in life by mastering 21st Century skills. This is achieved by using a blended academic approach that includes Project-Based Learning, technical and entrepreneurial classes, and online credit-recovery classes as needed. Flexibility is the key at Novitas Academy! Each student’s learning differences are identified and acknowledged, with a tailored Individual Academic Plan to meet their needs.

Self-Reliant: We believe developing our student’s resilience and basic life skills are essential for their future success.

Purposeful: Helping our students cultivate interpersonal and intrapersonal awareness along with self-regulation empowers our students to build meaningful relationships.

Innovative: We foster critical and creative thinking in our young men that enables them to think ‘outside the box’ to solve problems.

Enriching and Individualized Learning

In a traditional school, students typically experience a passive learning environment. At Novitas, students are immersed into an amazing educational experience that stimulates the senses. Research shows that true learning takes place when stimulated neurons fire at many locations at the same time. Our students learn through visual, auditory, and tactile multimedia experiences. They enjoy a social environment with their peers that facilitates positive thoughts and emotions. Students have the ability to excel when they are ready to advance or get extra help, if needed. Classes are tailored around the students’ needs and interests.

Real World Application

Students often complain that school is boring or that they cannot relate to what they are asked to learn. Novitas classes are designed to teach students all of the important standards, but reach that goal by using projects and instructional strategies to make learning fun and relevant. Students are able to choose topics and projects that are important and of interest to them.

College Preparatory

Novitas prepares students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be informed and productive citizens in the 21st century. Students are accepted into a wide variety of public and private universities and colleges. Some students choose a technical or vocational school to prepare them for their career choice.

Entrepreneurial Training

Novitas is a school of choice that combines career development and 21st century skills to provide advanced academic opportunities. In addition, specific career clusters and pathways are provided in order to prepare students for immediate employment or to give them a head start on their post-secondary training. Each career pathway also has an entrepreneurial piece involved in which students use their new found knowledge and skills to produce a product.


Novitas Academy’s Social Studies curriculum is Project Based and is integrated with ELA and current State Social Studies Standards. Each carefully planned project begins with the identification of standards each project will meet, and the end product acts as the assessment of student mastery of those standards. Social Studies courses offered include:

U.S. History
World History

Social Studies project experiences include, but are not limited to:

  • Comparing Classical Greco-Roman society with American society
  • Examining the roles of upstanders and bystanders during the Holocaust and relating them to another historical or present day event
  • Creating a multi-media presentation recommending a social program that came out of the Great Depression to Americans today
  • Preparing a presentation predicting future events in economics and the environment based on their understanding of the history of the global economy

English Language Arts (ELA)

Novitas Academy’s ELA program is taught through Project Based Learning and novel studies, following Common Core State Standards. Since Project Based Learning is cross-curricular, often times there will be History and Speech standards included. Each carefully planned project begins with the identification of standards each project will meet, and the end product acts as the assessment of student mastery of those standards. ELA classes offered include English 9-12. ELA project experiences include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating digital biographies of people students know or important people from history
  • Writing and performing a non-biased podcast based on an important cultural event
  • Researching and reporting about who was actually to blame for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
  • Mock trials for a banned book

The possibilities are endless!


Novitas Academy’s Science program is taught through Project Based Learning, using the Next Generation Science Standards. Each carefully planned project begins with the identification of standards each project will meet, and the end product acts as the assessment of student mastery of those standards. Science classes offered include, but are not limited to:

Environmental Science
Physical Science

Science project experiences include, but are not limited to:

  • Working with real scientists within their specified field
  • River water testing and cleanup
  • Pneumatic canon building
  • AM Radio fabrication
  • Fisheries and pond design
  • Examining the technology and physics of sailing while building sail cars that can move upwind,
  • Creating a multimedia presentation on the different types of materials and technology used to block sound from traveling through a barrier.

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning is a dynamic classroom approach in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge of their subject matter. Students will be actively engaged in their learning and involved with community members and professionals throughout this process. The teachers at Novitas have been trained to implement the nationally recognized Project Based Learning model to design projects around each student’s interests. This unique approach makes the classroom culture at Novitas both academically rigorous and engaging.

Internship Program

Novitas Academy’s robust Internship Program allows students to volunteer at local business or apply for a job. This guided process helps students build their resumes, develop a strong work ethic, take direction from an employer, and discover new interests. In addition to on-campus internship opportunities, we have partnered with over 40 local businesses, organizations, and individuals who help mentor our students. For more questions about internship opportunities, please send us a message. Students have the opportunity to internship locally with:

Farm and Ranch
Music Recording Studio
Assisted Senior Living
Auto Repair Shop


Small Engine Repair
Violin Making
Food Service

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