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Students are not required to attend church services or activities but they are encouraged to. Spirituality has been shown to be an important aspect of mental health and, for many people, it is an important coping skill as well as an additional support system for struggling students. Students who would like to attend religious services can go to church with staff members.

Good values and morals will be taught and guest speakers may be invited from many different backgrounds and faiths. They will be expected to keep their sermons non-denominational in nature and to speak about topics that will be enriching to all students. Staff members who desire to contribute to the Cherry Gulch community will be allowed to lead small-group study and/or prayer meetings with students of the same faith. If requested, students who have a religious background different from that of our staff or of the churches in the local area will be transported to Boise - or to another nearby community - once a month to attend religious services consistent with the student’s faith. Alternately, a spiritual mentor from that faith will be invited to visit the student on-campus.

At Cherry Gulch we understand that spirituality is an important part of life and wellness. We remain open minded about other’s religious and spiritual practices and are careful to respect one another’s beliefs. Students are allowed to choose the level of involvement they have in the spiritual and or religious activities available to them while at Cherry Gulch. Our staff members come from a broad range of spiritual beliefs and backgrounds and we do not attempt to convert students. We simply want to respect the student's values and beliefs and to help them mature and grow.