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Social Skills Group:

Utilizing Michelle Garcia Winner's "Social Thinking" resources, the Committee for Children's "Second Step" curriculum, and Preparing for Life and Social Skills Training by Dr. Jed Baker, students are engaged in exciting and informative social skills development. From "Superflex" taking on the "Unthinkables" to learning skills such as taking other perspectives to role playing how to disagree respectfully students are able to increase their understanding and awareness of social norms and expectations and to increase their ability to meet those norms and expectations. And all while having fun!
Functional social skills development and execution are the foundation for getting along with others. Social skills group is co-facilitated by a licensed therapist and occupational therapist. The focus of the group includes developing healthy social skills to improve students’ ability to interact and develop relationships with others through effective communication and listening skills. Through education, experience, and training the students learn how other people think, attempt to understand other people’s points of view, and why specific social and communication skills are required in different situations