Building brighter tomorrows
for the boys of today.

As technology becomes an ever bigger part of almost every aspect of life, children are thrown into an environment of stimulation and instant gratification that is intuitive and exciting at an increasingly younger age. At Cherry Gulch we seek to assist our students in navigating the world of technology in a responsible way by teaching them tools that help them approach technology use with balance, maturity and integrity. As they work through our Character Development curriculum, their technology access privileges will increase hand - in - hand with progressing through our Digital Literacy education. This will allow our students to maximize lessons on responsible technology use by being able to immediately utilize their new skills in a supervised and supportive environment. As their comprehension and use of good Digital Literacy skills are developed and established, they will move on to greater freedom and more complex digital literacy issues, eventually preparing them to be citizens that can regulate their own choices and relationship with technology.