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National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs 

The Board of Directors of NATSAP has long realized that our profession has the responsibility of providing data that examines the impact and effectiveness of therapeutic programs.  To this end NATSAP has sponsored an outcome research project in collaboration with Dr. Michael Gass at the University of New Hampshire for the past decade.  This work has resulted in a permanent data base and led to numerous conference presentations, and scholarly articles aimed at documenting the effectiveness of NATSAP programs. However, the database has relied in large part on a handful of programs who have contributed the majority of data to this effort. 

NATSAP values research and evaluation as a cornerstone of effective programming and advocacy. At Cherry Gulch, we share this belief and have made a commitment to taking part in the data collection process with our students, staff and families, gaining us the title of a Research Designated Program.  This effort ultimately helps our program as well as others to access pertinent research information and to engage in the evaluation of our programs in an effort to understand more fully the impact that we have on our youth and their families.

Parent and student participation is crucial in the data collection process.  Without the input from our students and parents both, the data is incomplete, and our research efforts do not reach their potential.  The survey process begins at the students’ enrollment and continues through one year post discharge.  We greatly appreciate the participation of our students and parents in this collective process of bettering therapeutic schools and programs nationwide.