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for the boys of today.

Shift Manager

I've had the wonderful opportunity to live in many different parts of the world such as Colorado, Missouri, South Carolina, Germany, and various parts of Oregon and Idaho.

My father worked for the military for a good portion of my younger life, giving me a decent perspective on what a lot of the world is like. Right now I like to think I've reached my final destination geographically, this part of Idaho is where I'd like to plant my roots and raise a family. I enjoy being with my family as much as time allows. It's the part of my life that makes everything else worthwhile.

I enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and many of the other outdoor opportunities that this area has to offer. The experience I've had working with young men and being able to see them progress has proven to be the most rewarding of any career path I've taken thus far and I look forward to continuing that experience here with Cherry Gulch.