Building brighter tomorrows
for the boys of today.
  • Nature Welcomes You To Cherry Gulch

    Nature Welcomes You To Cherry Gulch

    Nestled in the scenic Treasure Valley, beneath the western slope of the Rocky Mountains, lies a place near Boise, Idaho where the grandeur... Read More Read More
  • A Curriculum Tailored to Student Needs

    A Curriculum Tailored to Student Needs

    We offer a tailored curriculum covering all core subject areas including English, Math, History and Science, as well as elective programs including Art, Robotics, Judo, and many more Read More
  • Milieu and Behavioral Management

    Milieu and Behavioral Management

    The milieu at Cherry Gulch incorporates a number of techniques and strategies specifically tailored to this population of troubled children, including a level system and a token economy. Read More
  • Method of Therapeutic Intervention

    Method of Therapeutic Intervention

    As a therapeutic boarding school, Cherry Gulch strives to entwine the most effective therapeutic strategies into our student’s daily life, including group and family psychotherapy, equine therapy, and much more Read More
  • A Professional, Committed Staff

    A Professional, Committed Staff

    Cherry Gulch staff are committed to providing a premium environment and level of care for each of our students. Click to view staff bio pages. Read More
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Welcome to Cherry Gulch

A small private owner-operated high-end ranch style therapeutic boarding school specifically designed for 10 to 15 year-old boys.

 Our picturesque ranch setting located on 220-acres outside of Boise, Idaho, provides the perfect environment in which our doctorate and master’s level therapists and certified teachers provide individualized treatment and education, including: individual, group, and family psychotherapy, equine assisted therapy, a strong parenting program, a low staff-to-student ratio, and much more!

Featured Podcasts

  • Parenting, Tough Choices, Change, Challenge Hope & Healing

    Special Guests: Dr. Andy Sapp and Dr. Chris McRoberts,

    Allen, Melody and their guests, Dr. Andy Sapp and Dr. Chris McRoberts discuss the emotions and difficulties parents face when they must place their child in a residential treatment program.

    Read More
  • Cherry Gulch and their Model of Change for Boys

    Special Guest: Dr. Andy Sapp, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, Cherry Gulch School for Boys
    Discussion topics include: What are the boys and their families like that you work with at Cherry Gulch? How are the academics important to the process and what does the educational system look like at Cherry Gulch?

    Read More
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